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Smart Media Relations

Are you having trouble getting your message across in the manner it is intended? Are you reaching the right audience and is your message being heard? When media relations strategy works well it can be an incredibly effective tool to give your brand both awareness and credibility. We can get you there. Our network of current personalities and decision-makers within Irish media is second to none. Smart communications to the audience you want to reach.

We also advise and prep your people for interviews, from one-to-one confidential Q&A sessions to actual in-studio rehearsals when required.

Crisis Media Management

Reputations take years to build and minutes to break. The effects of any crisis in your company can be lessened by sound confidential media management and control. When is it better to say ‘no comment’ and when is it advantageous to control the communication? We help you decipher the difference and take appropriate action.

With access to an entire range of experienced journalists and leaders across all fields of Irish business, politics and sporting organisations, we can provide you with the necessary tools and advice to take corrective action when your experience requires ours.

Public Relations

Public Relations is about adding real value to the reputation of your business, projecting and protecting a positive public image of you and your company.

Often this gets lost in the scramble for paid advertising, when positive and credible editorial can prove far more effective.

We can design and implement a strategy that brings you closer to your target audience by reaching the right people in the most creative and cost effective way.

Internal & External Communications

An effective external communications strategy involves using a vast range of tactics in order to convey information to the audience you wish to target. At any given time that may include your customers, potential prospects, investors, shareholders, and how the general public views and identifies with your company. The wrong move or statement can do untold reputational damage to you and your company.

Costs Management

Is your cost base no longer sustainable and have you explored and exhausted all opportunities to improve your bottom line? This doesn’t always have to mean ‘slash and burn’… often the best way to move the dial on your P&L is to work smarter, leaner and in a more adaptable manner for the challenges ahead. 

We all can become complacent and at times corrective action comes too late. Sometimes a fresh set of eyes can help facilitate change.

Independent Mediation

With vast experience in Strategic HR Management, GPM Solutions can act as an Independent Mediator should your business need assistance in company/employee negotiation or workplace relations, particularly in the Media Industry and with associated Litigation matters.

QQI Certified.